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How to get from Orly airport to Paris?

Orly Airport is the second largest airport in France after Paris Charles-de-Gaulle. It is located 15Km south of Paris, and is divided into two terminals: the Southern terminal “Terminal S” and the Western terminal “Terminal W".
You shall expect between 30 and 60 min, according to the time and traffic, to get to the airport. Between public transport and more comfortable means, which one is the solution that suits you best?


    • Bus

Orly bus: The Orlybus shuttle ensures the connection between Orly and Denfert Rochereau in Paris.
Approximately 25 minutes between each passage to the bus stop.
Ticket price: €7.70 (Navigo card zones 4 is accepted), 30 minute travel.


Bus N° 183: it is the cheapest option but also the longest. The bus 183 ensures the connection between the Porte Choisy station in Paris 75013 and the Southern terminal of Paris Orly Airport. (The Western terminal is not served).
Approximately 30 minutes between each passage to the bus stop. Ticket price: €2 (Navigo accepted), 60 minute travel.


Bus N° 91.10: it ensures a direct connection between Paris Orly Airport and the Massy-Palaiseau TGV station.
You must take the bus 91.10 at the L exit in the Southern terminal and at the I exit in the Western terminal.
Ticket price: €2 (Navigo accepted) for a 30 minute travel.


    • Train or tramway

T7 tramway line: To get to Orly you can also take the T7 tramway line which leaves from the Villejuif-Louis Aragon station and arrives to Orly’s
Southern terminal. Ticket price: €2 (Navigo accepted) for a 45 minute travel.

RER C: You can reach Paris Orly Airport with the RER C, which connects the airport to Pont de Rungis train station. You must then take the “GO C Paris” shuttle to get to your terminal.
Ticket price: €6.85 (Navigo accepted) for a 40 minute travel (RER + Shuttle).

RER B: you can also get to Paris Orly Airport with the RER B, which connects the airport to Antony train station. You must then take the Orlyval shuttle to get to your terminal.
In the western terminal the Orlyval station is located A Door, in the southern terminal the station is located in front of K door.
Ticket price: €12.05 (Navigo accepted) for an approximated 45 minute travel (RER + Orlyval).


    • Taxi

Taxis are indeed a fast solution to go to your hotel or residence in Paris, their only disadvantage being the queue which is rather long.


The taxi stations are in front of the terminals:


  • Southern terminal: L door
  • Western terminal: B Door

Here are a few examples of taxi companies in Orly:


  • Alpha Taxis : 01 45 85 85 85
  • Les Taxis Bleus : 01 41 52 54 25

Taxi prices are higher at night, from 7pm to 7 am, on Sundays, and during public holidays.


A l’aéroport d’Orly méfiez-vous des taxis clandestins qui exercent leurs activités en toute illégalité et sans licence ni assurance pour les voyageurs.


  • Taxi motor bike

The taxi motor bike, as its name suggests, is a motor bike you can reserve in advance to move from your home to the airport or conversely. This means of transport's advantage is the saved travel time and its disadvantage is it is only practical for lone travelers without checked baggage, a carry-on luggage can be tolerated with a handbag or a computer. The prices vary between €50 and €70.


Few examples of taxi motor bike companies:


  • Ciybird: 0 826 100 100
  • Motocab: 0 810 811422
  • Moto-taxi Allo cab: 09 70 82 56 56
  • VTC

A VTC is a private car with driver who provides similar services to the taxis and the two are more and more in competition. Note that it is mandatory to book it in advance, because VTCs are prohibited from taking a client 'on the go'. The price is slightly higher and you have to pay the waiting time at the airport.


Some VTC applications in Paris:


  • UBER
  • Marcel cab
  • Le cab

Le Bus Direct : Air France's Le bus direct ensures a coach connection between downtown Paris and Paris-Orly Airport.
You can take the Le bus direct at L Door in the Southern terminal or C Door in the Western terminal.
Ticket price: €12 (Free for children - 4 years) for a 40 to 60 minute travel.


Happy Shuttle : The shuttle airport service is the most comfortable solution to get to Orly Airport. It is a cheap solution for those traveling by group, a shuttle can take up to 8 persons with their luggage.


The Paris Orly Shuttle ensures your comfort and freedom during your travel:


  • Prices are fixed and known in advance
  • Punctual professional drivers
  • Easy on-line reservation


Think about choosing the means of transportation which offer the best advantages and a satisfying quality / price ratio. It is mandatory to choose a solution which limits risks, expenses, and which is as comfortable as efficient. Have a nice trip!


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