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General terms and conditions of sales

These general terms and conditions of sales (hereafter the “Contract”) shall apply to services and related modalities provided by the company Happy Shuttle to a customer.
Our services are reserved to natural persons, as well as legal persons, that is to say to companies on their employees’ or representatives’ behalf (hereafter the “Customer”).

We encourage you to read this Contract with full attention before you start the booking process.
By booking the Customer approves this Contract. Happy Shuttle may modify at any moment the terms and conditions of the Contract as well as the information posted on the website https://www.happyshuttle.cab.
The applicable terms of the Contract shall be those in use during the booking confirmation.

I- Service

Happy Shuttle is the trade name of the company S.Shuttle Transport created in 2008. officially licensed private hire operator by DRE Transport Paris.

Happy Shuttle provides two types of service:

  1. A private or shared shuttle service between Disneyland Paris®, Paris, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Paris airports and main Parisian stations.
  2. A private car service in Paris or any other city in France (hourly directed)

II- Transfer Types:

  • Economy Sedan (1 to 4 Passengers): Enjoy an economic sedan transfer for 1 to 4 passengers with a luggage capacity of 3. Available vehicles may include models such as Renault Talisman, Toyota Prius, Corolla, or similar.
  • Private Minivan (1 to 8 Passengers): Experience a private minivan transfer suitable for 1 to 8 passengers with room for 8 items of luggage. Vehicles in this category include models like Renault Trafic, VW Caravelle, Mercedes-Benz Vito, and others.
  • Premium Minivan: Choose a premium minivan transfer, with the option of either the Mercedes Classe V or the Mercedes Torrer, offering superior space and the ability to carry 7 pieces of luggage.
  • Private Minivan X 2 (9 to 12 Passengers): Ideal for groups of 9 to 12 passengers, this transfer accommodates up to 12 pieces of luggage. You can expect to receive either a van and a sedan or two vans, depending on availability.
  • Private Minivan X 2 (13 to 16 Passengers): Perfect for larger groups of 13 to 16 passengers, this transfer includes two vans, providing a comfortable journey for groups with a capacity of 16 pieces of luggage.

III- Reservation terms

1. Booking procedure

The reservation of a shuttle can be carried out:

  1. By internet, from our secured form at https://www.happyshuttle.cab, Book online section. The reservation shall be done at least 24 hours before the time of departure. The reservation shall be confirmed by email.
  2. By phone (07 69 47 99 68), especially for reservations carried out less than 24 hours before the time of departure and for the reservation of an itinerary that is not available from our web form.
  3. By email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Warning: on day of transfer, the Customer shall be in possession of his confirmation to show it to the chauffeur. If he doesn't have his confirmation, or alternatively his order confirmation, the transfer will be considered as cancelled.

2. Cancellation

The cancellation of a reservation can be performed by internet, by phone call or by email. The cancellation is submitted with conditions:

  1. Up to 3 hours before the departure: Refund of the amount paid (-) less PayPal fees
  2. Less than 3 hours before the departure: no refund of the prepaid costs.

3. Modification

The Customer shall have the possibility to change its booking file at no extra costs by email or by phone call up to 24 hours before the departure. Less than 24 hours before the transfer, modifications can be carried out by phone call or text message only. 

III- Transfer terms

1. Departure and arrival procedure

The Customer is expected to comply with the terms of transfer specified on the order confirmation.
He shall be able to show his confirmation to the chauffeur before the departure, otherwise the transfer should be considered as cancelled at the expense of the Customer.

2. In case of delayed or cancellation (flight and train)

  1. In case the flight (or train) is delayed, we guarantee to find out an alternative, at no extra costs, within 45 minutes after the initially scheduled time of arrival.
  2. In case the flight (or train) is cancelled, the Customer can choose between the postponement of his transfer or the full refund.
  3. In both cases, the Customer must keep informed Happy Shuttle of delayed or cancellation of its flight (or train) by phone call or text message.

3. Baggage

In shared shuttle service, Customers shall be authorized to transport one baggage of average size and one hand-luggage per person, though, one extra baggage is accepted.
In private shuttle service, there are no baggage limits per person, however there is a limit of 8 baggage per vehicle.

The chauffeur retains the right to refuse extra baggage if he considers that their size or number is not conform to these general conditions of sales; this situation may lead to the cancellation of the transfer, at the expense of the Customer.

In order to ensure Customer safety, every baggage (except for hand-luggage) shall be loaded into the boot. They cannot be left on the seats or everywhere else into the passenger compartment.

The Customer is fully responsible for his baggage during loading, transfer and unloading. Unless in case of fault from the chauffeur, the latter cannot be held responsible for damages underwent (theft, losses or baggage left in the car). Any baggage left in the car shall be brought to Happy Shuttle head office where the Customer will be able to retrieve them.

4. Animals

Animals are authorized inside the vehicle with conditions that they are maintained into a transport cage. They should not represent any threat for passengers of the vehicle (chauffeur, other passengers) or for third parties.

5. Assurances

All Happy Shuttle drivers subscribe to a Professional Civil Liability insurance policy, as well as to a professional insurance policy covering damages caused by driving the vehicle, for all damages that could be caused to a third party and/or to driver’s passenger.
These insurances shall not apply to the theft, losses or degradation of items owned by the Customer (baggage, personal items), including those who have been left with the driver.

6. Infant car seat

Happy Shuttle commits to provide infant car seats in conformity with the current standards, without additional costs. The client shall emit clearly the request during the reservation.

7. Responsibility

Happy Shuttle responsibility: All the vehicles used by Happy Shuttle are in conformity with the current technical standards required.
All our chauffeurs are required to comply with provisions laid down in the French Highway Code (Code de la Route). The chauffeur shall be exonerated from all responsibility in case of delayed caused by the circulation (unusual traffic jam, slow or stopped circulation caused by an accident), by a force majeure situation (natural hazards, terrorism, demonstration), or by the Customer himself. Consequently, these events cannot lead to any financial or commercial compensation from Happy Shuttle.

Customer responsibility: the Customer is expected to respect the departure time scheduled which is specified in his reservation confirmation. He shall also make sure to comply with the departure and arrival procedures stated in the same reservation confirmation. Onboard, the Customer is required to act in a manner consistent with common sense, as well as to comply with French laws and regulations in force. We attach particular attention to the compliance of rules related to the compulsory use of seat belts in vehicles, the ban on smoking, on drinking alcohol, and on transporting flammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic substances.

In the event of non-compliance to these previous rules, and in the event of a passenger behavior considered to be at risk by the chauffeur, for himself, the passengers or a third party, the chauffeur will be in his right to refuse the access of the vehicle to this passenger, or to drop him off during the transfer.

8. Fare

Happy Shuttle fares are available in our website https://www.happyshuttle.cab, and they include all applicable taxes. The price paid by the Customer is set during the reservation and specified on the reservation confirmation.

9. Tip

Leaving a tip is not necessary, and is left at the Customer’s discretion.

10. Applicable Law in case of dispute

The Contract shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with French law only. All disputes arising in connection with the contract shall be settled under French jurisdiction. 

11. Contacts

Happy Shuttle Customer service

Phone: 07 69 47 99 68

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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